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Apple Has 500 Employees in Korea, Supports 325,000 Jobs in Country

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Apple today revealed job creation figures in South Korea for the first time since entering the country two decades ago, as noted by The Korea Herald.

In a new page on its website, Apple says it has created and supports 325,000 jobs in South Korea, including 500 direct employees, 125,000 jobs through partners in the country like component manufacturers and product distributors, and 200,000 jobs through the App Store ecosystem.

Apple's direct employees in the country include designers, customer service representatives, marketing specialists, hardware and software engineers, and retail staff at its Garosugil store in Seoul.

Apple adds that Korean developers have earned 4.7 trillion won in worldwide revenue through the App Store since 2008.

Last week, Apple claimed that it now supports 2.4 million jobs in the United States.

This article, "Apple Has 500 Employees in Korea, Supports 325,000 Jobs in Country" first appeared on MacRumors.com

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